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Redefine how you approach food.

Meet Your Health Coach, Katharina Knoll



I am very conscious about the relationships that exist between food, the environment, and the body (including the mind!). I don’t have a rigorous approach to health, but rather a light-hearted yet sincere one because I see it as an adventure. I myself am on a life-long journey of discovering what works for me, all the while eating delicious food with a creative touch.”



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A taste of living fully!




Redefine how you approach food.



Behind Foods approaches food with fascination, cultivating a more wondrous outlook on life. Alongside delicious and nutritious recipes, learn more about “primary foods” through Behind Foods. What does that mean exactly?brussels circle

As a destination to explore a more enriching lifestyle holistically, it’s more than what you find on your plate. It’s about authentic self-expression, healthy relationships, moving your body, a fulfilling career, remembering to breathe, a sense of spirituality that lifts your soul, and more… these things are that satisfy the hunger in our lives. They nourish us in ways that food can’t, and that’s where the name “Behind Foods” comes in.

This is a place to inspire and support you to taste life a little differently. Food: a pleasure and a prescription, a vitamin for life!

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